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Phone Necklace - Reflect Neon Turquoise

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The KNOK CASE : the original KNOKberlin accessory. Fusing technological savviness with precision and simplicity, the KNOK CASE is a lightweight, minimal, and convenient phone necklace.

From young to old, smartphones play a defining role in our modern lives. The KNOK CASE changes how we handle our most used possession. Flexible and durable, this accessory assists you in daily life with style and practicality, comfortably adapting to your every moving moment.
Whether it's dancing, cooking, working, or walking, the KNOK CASE is useful for the situations when being hands-free is needed. And when it's time for photos, phone calls, or podcasts,  access to your phone is instant, as the KNOK CASE is attached to your body.
Perhaps you have no pockets, or you are prone to losing your possessions, then the KNOK CASE is a necessary accessory that keeps your smartphone safe.

The adjustable strap allows you decide for yourself how you want to wear your mobile phone; across the body or as a necklace. The TPU anti-shock silicone frame stays clear and fresh, and will not discolour over time. The high-quality PPM cord is available in a range of colours, and is finished with elegant brass accents.

- PPM cord: strong and resistant to water damage, lightweight and durable
- Brass: high-quality brass accents with a smooth finish
- Anti-shock stable case TPUX®
- Strap: 150cm long.

Please note:
The necklace is assembled in by hand. The products therefore may present minor differences between them.
Please use with care. We cannot guarantee the integrity of your individual smartphone.