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Jérémy Bellina wearing Knok keyholder lanyard

A deep dive into craftsmanship with Jérémy Bellina - KNOK BLOG

Quitting his corporate job in supply chain management to pursue pottery, Jérémy Bellina has done what most of us don't dare to do, he chased his passion. It all started about three years ago when he bought himself a pottery wheel and he started teaching himself by watching YouTube. Soon after he completely lost interest in his day job and became obsessed with ceramics. Fast forward to the present day and he just moved into his new sunlit pottery studio on a quiet street of Neukölln. His can-do and hands-on attitude translates into an inventive language based on geometric shapes and sometimes seeks out the limits between design and functionality. Besides making beautiful ceramics, he’s now ready to pass on his skills and has started offering workshops.


> Jérémy is wearing the KNOK Silver Grey Key Holder Lanyard

Gift Ideas for Geminis - KNOK BLOG

Gemini season is upon us! And this year we're in for a treat with a Mercury in retrograde, a lunar AND a solar eclipse. Between May 29 to June 22 mercury will be in retrograde, meaning it will appear to be moving backwards in the night sky. In reality this is due to our point of view from earth and the orbits of the planets around the sun

To help you celebrate your Gemini loved ones, we've compiled a list of 6 Gift Ideas based on their astrological charts and characteristics. All our gift ideas are from small and medium business based in Berlin and range from skin care, alcohol to one our own crossbody phone cases.


Gift Ideas for Geminis