The KNOK Story

We figured the best way to start this journal was to introduce ourselves, so, hey, it’s us! Maybe you’ve already read our ‘About Us’ or maybe you have no idea who we are or how we - or you - got here, so we’re going to start from the beginning. 

If you’re from Berlin you might remember KNOK STORE, our store that brought Korean design all the way to the Berlin market. You can even read about it here, if you fancy testing your German skills.

Beginning way back in 2016, KNOK STORE stocked a whole range of menswear, womenswear and accessories from great Korean brands, including The Internatiiional, Andersson Bell and even Berlin's very-own Yun. From our store in Kreuzberg we soon began to develop our own in-house brand, based upon the very Berlin discovery: the Handykette. We began designing and creating accessories in our studio, and KNOK the brand was born.

The store and brand existed side by side for a couple of years, but over time the  KNOK brand grew bigger and bigger until eventually it made sense for us to focus our attention on it full time. And here we are! Four years since KNOK STORE’s first incarnation, and two years since our first in-house KNOK products were designed and developed. 2020 might have been the weirdest year any of us can remember, but it’s been a pretty exciting time for us as a brand. 

We created the KNOK brand for the same reasons that we originally started with the store: to make good design available to everyone. Modern, everyday, quality accessories - this is what KNOK is about, and this is what we do.

We can’t wait to introduce you to more about KNOK: our team, friends, the things we love, and what we do. We’ll be back with another article soon.

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