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USB charging cable

€10.90 EUR

What an amazing idea, a USB /Data/charging cable that never ever break. 
Once it is damaged, it can be repaired immediately. It is so tenacious, no matter how to toss it, even if it is directly cut, it can be reborn again.
No more buying new cables for your iPhone / iPad devices, you only need one. Feature high-quality TPE Zinc Alloy housing build the charging cable more sturdy, makes it thoroughly resistant to fraying. 
Fast & safe charging, supports charging and transmitting data synchronization, charge speeds up to 1.5A, faster than most standard cables. 
Our cable ensures a faster charging time while keeping your device safe. 
Standard 1.5m is perfect length, fit to different occasions and no space limit, make your life more convenient. 

Easy to carry, It suits every occasion, home, office, car and so on. 
Easy to repair It only need three steps to repair, first pull, then cut, finally combined.