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- Knit dress made of merino wool yarn. - Because it contains cashmere yarn, it has soft touch and excellent warmth. 
- Accordion pleats, double-sided texture knitted to minimize clothes deformation and excellent drape. 
- Two-way design allows dual styling options in the front and back. 
- There is a slit detail on one side. 
- The waist belt can be detached and attached. 
- The linking* technique was used for the puff sleeve line and the wrist part to improve quality. 
- There is a button closure on the back. 
- Made of solid texture that makes the skirt not see-through. 
- If you hang it on a hanger for a long time, the shape may be distorted or scratched. For a long term storage, it is recommended to keep it folded in wet paper or newspapers. 
- Dry cleaning is recommended to minimize clothes deformation. 
* Linking process: finishing technique that consists in linking the stitch of the cloth material and the stitch by hand.
WOOL 50.3% NYLON 44.7% CASHMERE 5%

Size (cm)
Shoulder width 40 / Chest 56 / Length 108.5 / Sleeve length 56 / Hem width 67