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Tote/Shoulder bag _Black

€139.00 EUR

Chamude-alpha is a new material similar to Suede.

*It is not leather
Consists of microfibers (1/100 thick hair) and produced using high-precision machining of advanced materials based on technology using the highest quality raw materials.

It can be cleaned using water (single wash). For long term use, there is no discoloration or fading.
In particular, there is a special water-repellent treatment on the surface and can be used safely even on rainy days.

Not as tough as woven fabrics and doesn’t feel sticky as coated fabrics, has a soft feel like baby skin and never accumulates dust mites like regular fabric material does, it is also extremely breathable.

Unlike a normal Chamude, it has inserted a special powerful reinforcement (Scrim) inside the material therefore has a excellent dimensional stability ,a strong durability, it is abrasion and friction resistant. it does not stretch out even with long term use.

*Machine wash without leather strap.

Material :Ultrasuede (From Japan, company Toray) - Ultra-microfiber non-woven fabric with suede texture.
Cow leather (shoulder strap)
Size : 33x40x12cm
Weight : 350g