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MA-1 BACKPACK 17" 340

€79.00 EUR €119.00 EUR

The bags from the 100 and 200 Series are for the daily use in urban life.
In the meantime, the 300 series is suited to weekend outdoor life.The sheer fabric and design motives are inspired by MA-1 jumper/
This lightweight fabric even makes user’s life lighter.

Introduction :
It’s well known as MA-1 fabric, but actually the fabric is also known as Heavy Twill.
It has a quiet sheen, and is extremely smooth.
We made the fabric a little thicker than normal in order to make a bag with it. In case you want to put down the bag on the ground.
It is of course also water repellent.

  • Ergonomic design that fits body silhouette.
  • Newly developed water-repellent material.
  • External pockets both sides for quick access.
  • Additional pockets for easy access.
  • Release of new design.
  • Vegetable leather zipper puller ageing over time.
  • Anterior pockets expansion for spacious design.
  • Anterior multi-use pocket : Enhances use of all space inside.
  • Sturdy (or substantial) design allows the silhouette to not fall when warn.
  • 3 way pockets on front
  • Water-repellent fabric
  • Waterproof inner lining with non-toxic PVC
  • Vegetable leather
  • Elastic band
Size : 34(W) x 53(H) x 17(T) cm
Weight : 880g
Material : Nylon 100%