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KNOK pouch

KNOK pouch - Grey

€19.90 EUR

A custom-designed add-on for the KNOK CASE, this pouch is designed to protect your KNOK CASE in the cold.

In the height of a European winter, our smartphone batteries are prone to dying faster. The cold weather diminishes the battery’s resistance, and one of the only ways to prevent that is to keep the phone warm. This is why we made the KNOK Jacket: a pouch made from nylon and duck down to protect your phone inside the KNOK CASE.

Simply attach the KNOK pouch to the lanyard of your KNOK CASE, and secure your smartphone with ease. Your battery will be protected from suddenly dying due to cold weather.

Material : nylon, filled with duck down.
Size : 18 x 11 x 2.5 cm


NOTE :  KNOK CASE is not included.