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Korean design to your door



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- It is an angora color scheme cardigan with blend yarn. 
- The armhole part was treated with Herashi* technique to create a natural fit. 
- The necktie is removable. 
- There is a button closure on the front made of the same yarn as the body, so it can be worn open or closed. 
- Knitted yarn may have hair loss due to the nature of the yarn. 
- If you hang it on a hanger for a long time, the shape may be distorted or scratched. For a long term storage, it is recommended to keep it folded in wet paper or newspapers. 
- Dry cleaning is recommended to minimize clothes deformation. 
* Herashi: Knit technique that consists in cutting the stitch naturally without cutting through advanced knitting technique.

ANGORA 70% NYLON 19.8% WOOL 10.2%

Size (am)
Shoulder width 57.5 / Chest 58.5 / Length 63.5 / Sleeve length 58
Model : 178cm tall / Bust 31 / Waist 23 / Hips 35