Sojin Park on inspirations, business and of course, her phone accessories.

Sojin Park with mint green phone necklace handykette

Sojin Park is a Korean fashion designer and artist based in Berlin. She’s the driving force behind the designer brand ASSEMBLED HALF in Berlin Charlottenburg. Her collections take inspiration from the natural world and the idea of living at your own pace. Mixing traditional craftsmanship with contemporary elements, every item is handmade using traditional fabrics. We caught up with her to talk about her business, her inspirations and aspirations and of course, her phone. 

Sojin with her KNOK Custom Case with Mint Green Strap

Could you tell us a bit about how it all started?
After I graduated in 2014, I happened to be able to exhibit and sell the clothes that I made. It just grew organically from there on. I don't know at what point exactly it led to being a business, but I'm still making and selling my garments and art.

What about your business makes you feel most proud? And what would you say is your biggest accomplishment?
I’m very proud of the philosophy behind ASSEMBLED HALF; all the clothes are made and sewn by hand and they will continue to be so. My biggest accomplishment I would say is that I’m able to continue to do what I love most, and especially that I can make a living from doing that. I don't think I've ever thought in terms of milestones in being successful in my career or big achievement in my jobs….because work or life is ongoing.

What are your passions and what makes you happy? Do you find it easy to balance work and life?
I love creating, sharing, eating, drinking, and exchanging parts of life with people I love. I really enjoy talking about things I read or heard, discussing movies,... By doing so I collect some of my favourite expressions which then stay in my mind.  I then quote and apply these into my creations. Professionally, any so-called inspiration seems to come naturally to me. I don't think my private and professional life are at all separate or separated, I think they're connected and intertwined.

Material studies Assembled half. Everything is made by hand.

What are some of the most important must-haves in your everyday life and at work?
Coffee in the morning is essential, and from time to time I need to be able to disconnect or ‘space out’. In Korean we have a phrase that puts it beautifully: “멍 때리다" which literally translates to “Hit the blank space”.

Speaking of essentials. Do you keep your phone with you all the time? How far away from you is your phone usually?
Yes, my phone is always close to me.

Are you prone to dropping or losing your phone?
In the past yes. Countlessly and many many times… The KNOK phone lanyard has saved my phone on multiple occasions and has prevented a cracked screen even more often.

Any stickers on your phone?
Yes I have and it says "Bitte nicht jetzt". I got it at an event one time but can't remember which one to be honest.

Favorite color?
I love all colours. But if it is cell phone accessory-specific question, I prefer black or, quite the opposite, very intense neon colours.

Luckily for you we have phone cases both black and neon coloured crossbody straps! No need to choose ;)


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