How Do You Use a Crossbody Phone Case?

KNOK crossbody phone case

Your mobile phone is likely a part of you and goes with you wherever you go. Your phone may also be expensive and you might be looking for ways to make sure it stays with you and is protected. One idea is to use a Crossbody phone case so you feel comfortable knowing your phone is nearby and you won’t lose it.

You may be curious to know more about what they are and how to use a Crossbody phone case. There are several benefits of using a Crossbody phone case that is worth noting as well. The following information will help you learn how to use a Crossbody phone case and why you may want to get one.

Why A Crossbody Phone Case?

A phone case with a lanyard is a strap, which you place around your neck with the purpose for you to stay hands-free and carefree as you move around. A Crossbody phone case may be necessary if you’re someone who’s always on the go and doesn’t want to carry their phone. You may find that it’s helpful so you know where it is at all times and can easily access it when you choose to by having it around your neck. 

In fact, a cell phone case strap with case may be the best option. You’ll notice many phones tend to have slippery backs. Therefore, a good case can add a bit of grip to keep it from sliding out of your hand and onto the concrete. A strap will also ensure that you have it on you at all times and don’t have to worry if your phone falls out of your hands while you’re using it.

How to Use A Crossbody Phone Case

KNOK Case with Black Leather Strap
Using a Crossbody phone case is fairly straightforward. Some phone models have a lanyard hole. The holes may be located at the top of the phone to one side or the other. Invest in a lanyard strap that will fit through the holes. Be glad to know that you can purchase cell phone lanyards in an array of unique designs. Next, loop the lanyard strap through the lanyard holes on your cell phone. Pull the strap through until it is tight. If your phone does not have a built-in lanyard hole, your best bet is to get a phone case with attached straps or a phone lanyard with detachable cords

You’ll soon be on your way and having fun showing off your phone necklace that has a fixed cord. A lightweight phone case with a strap will ensure your smartphone is safe and you can be hands-free when it’s not in use. Most will feature an adjustable cord to fit right for your comfort and an anti-shock case. The cords can be made from different materials like durable PPM cord or even classy leather. You can wear your Crossbody phone case as a crossbody phone case or as a necklace-style lanyard. This way you’ll look stylish and always have your phone available for use when you need it. There are many colours and styles to choose from depending on your personal preference and what will look the best with your phone and around your neck.

Benefits of Crossbody Phone Cases

It’s not only functional but also fashionable and fun and will make your life a whole lot easier. You won’t have to worry about dropping your phone and having to find the money to replace it.

One of the biggest benefits of using a Crossbody phone case is that your phone is close by and easily accessible. You may want to go out and run errands or take a walk and want to bring your phone because you’re expecting an important call. Therefore, you can put it on like an accessory and wear it without having to carry it in your hands or pocket or worry about forgetting it at home.

You might also be wearing clothes that don’t have pockets or your phone may be too big to put in your pocket. Instead, you can choose to use your Crossbody phone case and simply have it around your neck. You’ll find it’s quite challenging to lose your cell phone lanyard or strap. You won’t have to put your phone down when doing something else and will have both of your hands-free to go about your day.

KNOK crossbody phone case with leather strap

As a busy mom, you may be on the go and running around a lot. You don’t want to misplace your phone and you may not want your small children getting it. Keep it around your neck so you know where it is and can use it in case of an emergency.

The last situation you want is to have your phone stolen. Therefore, use your Crossbody phone case, and rest assured it’s in good hands when you’re in a crowded area. It’s nice when you don’t want to bring a purse or anything with you when you go somewhere and just need your phone. You can stick any credit cards or money you need right in your case.


You now not only know what a Crossbody phone case is but how to use it and the benefits of doing so. You may be wondering where to get your hands on one of these so you can begin using it right away. We encourage you to check out our inventory on our website because we carry some of the best Crossbody phone case accessories that will make you happy and proud to wear and show off. You’ll soon wonder how you ever lived without a cell phone case with strap.



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