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YUN is an innovative Korean eyewear brand, launched in Oct. 22 2015. 

By providing comfort and durability for long lasting wear, YUN hope that YUN glasses are in your everyday life and enhance your quality of life. Nearly every item has been made sophisticatedly in Korea in dedicated factories using qualified materials and finishes - ultra flexible and durable Titanium, Ultem and premium Acetate, etc. Assisting always in your every moment, comfortably adapting to your daily life. That is what glasses are for; that is how YUN wants to position itself in the world.
Yardan /Black&Rapide - KNOK STORE

Yardan /Black&Rapide

OTTO /Black&Tangerine - KNOK STORE

OTTO /Black&Tangerine

Jonas /Salmon&Green - KNOK STORE

Jonas /Salmon&Green

Denise Rim /Black&Grey - KNOK STORE

Denise Rim /Black&Grey

BOHO /Crystal&Grey - KNOK STORE

BOHO /Crystal&Grey

BOHO /Brown&Green - KNOK STORE

BOHO /Brown&Green

BOHO /Ebony wood tortoise&Grey - KNOK STORE

BOHO /Ebony wood tortoise&Grey

Paul /Crystal&Green - KNOK STORE

Paul /Crystal&Green

Paul /Ebony wood tortoise&Grey - KNOK STORE

Paul /Ebony wood tortoise&Grey

Paul /Pale peach&Green - KNOK STORE

Paul /Pale peach&Green

Leo / Black&Grey - KNOK STORE

Leo / Black&Grey

Leo / Mint&Grey - KNOK STORE

Leo / Mint&Grey

Leo / Yellow&Brown - KNOK STORE

Leo / Yellow&Brown


OTTO /Black&Grey

Waldo /Black&Grey - KNOK STORE

Waldo /Black&Grey

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