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- Long knit skirt made of wool blend yarn. 
- There is a cutting front hem detail and the Herashi* treatment was used for the cutting detail part to improve quality. 
- The linking** technique was used for all the seams to improve quality. 
- It is possible to wear it comfortably by putting a banding on the waistline. 
- Made of solid texture that makes the skirt not see-through. 
- Due to the nature of knitted yarn, peeling may occur during rubbing. 
- If you hang it on a hanger for a long time, the shape may be distorted or scratched. For a long term storage, it is recommended to keep it folded in wet paper or newspapers. 
- Dry cleaning is recommended to minimize clothes deformation. * Herashi: Knit technique that consists in cutting the stitch naturally without cutting through advanced knitting technique. ** Linking process: finishing technique that consists in linking the stitch of the cloth material and the stitch by hand.

WOOL 43.5% POLYESTER 20.8% NYLON 16.4% ACRYLIC 9.7% RAYON 9.6%

Size (cm)
Waist 29 / Hip width 44 / Length 88 / Hem width 46.5 
Model : 178cm tall / Bust 32 / Waist 24 / Hips 34