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Super Aqua Pore-Kling Nose Dual Patch


2-step blackhead nose patch helps remove sebum and blackhead cleanly and make a smooth nose.

  • remove many blackheads at once
  • cares for blackheads, sebum and big pores 
  • more elasticity 
  • sooth skin

2. Concept
  • Remove blackhead by containing sparkling water - Micro sparkling bubbles help clean pores freshly and give elasticity.
  • Moisturized and revitalized skin, just like drinking sparkling water - Dual-type nose patch helps remove blackhead, tighten enlarged pores, and sooth sensitive skin.

3. Main ingredients
  • Italy's No.1 Sparkling Mineral Water, Ferrarelle! - Naturally carbonated water is derived from an extinct volcano located near Naples and purified as it travels a distance of 15 km over 10 years. During this process, it becomes enriched with minerals such as calcium and potassium.
  • Apple Mint & Lime Extract

4. How to use

Tip - For best results, ensure that pores are open prior to use, either by bathing or prepping the face with a hot towel immediately before use.

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