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KNOK CASE: the original KNOK phone necklace, with a black cord and black metal details, finished with a gold logo.

Our phone case with strap keeps your smartphone safe and always in reach. The anti-shock clear case protects your phone, while the lightweight adjustable cord keeps your hands free (and means you'll never drop your phone again!). 

The cord is adjustable up to 150 cm, so you can wear your KNOK CASE as a crossbody phone case or necklace-style, like a lanyard.

  • Cord: PPM
  • Case: Anti-shock TPUX®
  • Hardware: Brass


Please note: the cords on our Classic KNOK CASE phone necklaces cannot be removed or exchanged. For a more individual style with removable straps have a look at our CUSTOM collection.

This product is assembled by hand. Please use with care and at own risk. We can't guarantee the durability of your individual smartphone.

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