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GEAR3 draws its inspiration from the machines that power Seoul’s tech capital. Shaped by their purpose, each has an admirable simplicity for good product design. From the dark and futuristic atmosphere to the city's hidden alleys, this underpins the GEAR3 ethos. GEAR3 gets tech and knows how to house it with style.

String Backpack - KNOK STORE

String Backpack

2 Pocket Backpack - KNOK STORE

2 Pocket Backpack

Classic Backpack - KNOK STORE

Classic Backpack

Weekender L - KNOK STORE

Weekender L

Foldable Weekender Bag - KNOK STORE

Foldable Weekender Bag

Waist Bag S - KNOK STORE

Waist Bag S

Nylon Waist Bag S - KNOK STORE

Nylon Waist Bag S

Tote x Cross Bag - KNOK STORE

Tote x Cross Bag

Weekender M - KNOK STORE

Weekender M

Foldable String Backpack - KNOK STORE

Foldable String Backpack

2-Way Foldable Bag - KNOK STOREOut of stock

2-Way Foldable Bag

Backpack x Cross Body Bag - KNOK STORE

Backpack x Cross Body Bag

Waist Bag M - KNOK STORE

Waist Bag M

Tote/Shoulder bag - KNOK STOREOut of stock

Tote/Shoulder bag

Briefcase - KNOK STORE


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