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We habitually surround ourselves with functional and practical things that satisfy our need for convenience. Although necessity should be the primary motivation to purchase a product, we believe that a product can also inspire your emotions and bring happiness to your life.

We hope that our products will amaze you each time you use them, and like your best friends, be sources of joy and fond memories. It is our belief that good designs should be easily attainable with reasonable prices; thereby more people enjoy and take delight of using good designed products. Our goals are to reveal and spread the happiness through a sense of bonding with 11+ products making the world just a bit more pleasant for everyone.

Bottle Humidifier - KNOK STOREOut of stock

Bottle Humidifier

Bottle Humidifier Mini - KNOK STOREOut of stock

Bottle Humidifier Mini

House Aroma Diffuser - KNOK STOREOut of stock

House Aroma Diffuser

O-Fan - KNOK STOREOut of stock


Sound 2 Bluetooth Speaker - KNOK STORESale

Sound 2 Bluetooth Speaker

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