Oversized clothes appeared in our wardrobe some seasons ago. So what’s the unbroken trend behind it? It’s all about the designers, who developed their creations and brought the ill-fitted garments to another level. Especially Korean brands stick out with their tailoring knowledge and create clothes which are much more than just comfy in contrast to the hard-to-breathe-in clothes: their new designs draw the perfect line between chic and effortlessness.

The secret of success is based on three important things: cuts, fabrics and styling. As a result, the trend has transcended from misshaped pieces to consciously oversized-fits. The stitches on oversize tops run in curves, wide sweeping at the bottom, tamed with elastic bands, bounded high-waist. All these things make sure that every item is placed on the right part of our body. Well, the trend of just „bigger than big“ items – like hoodies, jumpers and tees – hasn’t ended. But this season it’s all about the combination of master tailored and overly big pieces.

Nevertheless this fashion trend challenges us not to drown in our favourite pieces. The right styling is the most important precept. That means that you have to be aware of closing the circle between big and tight to create a great look without totally losing shape. But there are a few simple rules you can always count on if you’re not already a fashion pro:

Go big on just one part of our body. If the bottom is wide, make sure the top is more shaped and the other way around.
Make sure that some silhouette parts of our body can still be seen – ankles, your neck or your waistline. Cuttings, belts, but also the length of your clothes and of course the right fit matter the most.

To make this cosy trend easier to ease into, we chose our favourite pieces, which put oversize fashion straight. That’s how this style challenge becomes a fun play of picking and mixing the right pieces to win this „big“ game.


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